BB Member seeks to be voice for young people on national stage

Brian Iroegbu, member of 25th Stirling (Dunblane) Company, is standing in the upcoming elections for the Scottish Youth Parliament (2nd – 13th March 2015).  He took time away from the busy campaigning schedule to share more about him, his inspirations and ideas for the future.

Brian for SYP What inspired you to put your name forward?

The bad public perception of young people has denied them of potential opportunities and does not encourage young people to be ambitious. With adequate support we can overcome this challenge. I want to be a voice for young people. I want to help amplify the message that young people like I try to get through to adults. If elected as MSYP, I would use the opportunity to promote the issues youths face and, form a positive public image that promotes the achievements of young people and improve their reputation so that major public see them in a better light.

In what area are you standing?

I am standing for young people all over Scotland but particularly for young people living in the Stirling Parliamentary constituency. Stirling constituency has rural and urban diversity covering approximately 600 square miles with a population of over 70,000 and with about five main high schools and an average student population of 4000.

Why do you think it’s important young people participate in decision making?

Young people are leaders of tomorrow. Their jobs contribute to national development and pay for a growing old population in Scotland. It is important that what they think about is used in decision making. IT technology, computer software and applications are now seen in every area of our lives such as hospitals, education and marketing. Young people are involved in developing this technology so this is key to economic growth. I think it is important for young people to participate in decision making because government decisions on education, employment and welfare have huge consequences on their lives. Young people are best placed to come up with solutions to address the challenges they face as a result of the government’s decisions.

If you were to highlight three challenges facing Scotland’s young people, what would they be?

I would say that three challenges facing Scotland’s young people are: Getting into full-time work; Getting onto the property ladder; and knowing what to do with their lives after education.

How can The BB do more to encourage more to encourage youth participation / social action?

There are various steps I think The Boys’ Brigade could take, including: teach the boys how to be confident and practice public speaking;  increase the voice and value of the young people; have more social events that young people can enjoy; identify local issues that affect young and work as a team to find solution; and invite youth Ministers to come and speak to BB and give opportunity to ask questions.

If you were First Minister, what would be your first priority?!

 My first priority as First Minister would be to find homes for every homeless person in Scotland.

What do you enjoy most about BB? 

Being with my friends and going to classes I find interesting.


My life ambition is to be successful.

And, finally, if you had the choice, which International sporting finale would you attend first, and why?

FIFA World Cup Final because the atmosphere and the good vibes!

You can find out the latest on Brian’s campaign by checking out his facebook page following him on twitter.


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