Our BB Clydesiders!

It will come as little surprise that many BB volunteers are also making a difference during Glasgow 2014.  John Armour, Jim McCormack and John Paterson took time out of their busy schedules to comment about their experience about being Clydesiders! 

John is a BB leader with 268th Glasgow, located in Bishopbriggs.


John Armour, 268th Glasgow

John Armour, 268th Glasgow

Being a Clydesider has been one of the best and most exciting experiences of my life. To be part of something this big on my doorstep was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up!

My job has been in the athletes’ village, checking the food areas, toilets and bin stations. It isn’t the most glamorous of jobs, but we are up close and personal with many athletes and is all part of the bigger picture.

In my time in the village, I have met so many amazing people and always had a story to come home with.  It has been hard work but I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

To have been picked out of 40,000 was special enough and something I will probably never experience again. Volunteering is something I’m used to twice a week at BB but this is something else.

A once in a lifetime experience that I will always remember!




Jim has no current company attachment but originally the 7th Coatbridge.  Jim is now the National Expedition Co-ordinator for The Boys’ Brigade.

 As you can see I am not from Glasgow but I have close family connections in that my mother’s family, who came from

Jim McCormack, National Expedition Coordinator for The Boys' Brigade

Jim McCormack, National Expedition Coordinator for The Boys’ Brigade

Scotstoun. I was born in Coatbridge and have lived here all my life.

I initially volunteered for Athletics, hoping to be at Hampden. I was accepted and my area became “Field of Play” –  Little did I know that this area encompassed more than athletics!

Field of Play is the area within which the race is run – the area that spectators are not allowed to enter during competition.

I worked for two days’ training at the Diamond League Athletics at Hampden were I became a press runner and worked with the BBC Athletics commentators, which included Brendan Foster, Steve Cram, Jonathon Edwards and Colin Edwards.

After this I was allocated the two road marathons ( I was responsible for a pedestrian crossing at the Broomielaw just at the the footbridge over the Clyde)

Then I spent five days at Cathkin Braes, including the Medal race day.   My team (photo) was responsible for laying out the stakes and tapes along Sector Five which overlooked Castlemilk and Glasgow, from this stretch you could see seven of the Glasgow games venues!

I am stewarding on the Men & Womens’ Road Cycling time trial as well as the Men & Womens Road Cycling race which is on the last day of the games.

John is 19 and a leader with 3rd Kilsyth Company.


John Paterson, 3rd Kilsyth

John Paterson, 3rd Kilsyth

There wasn’t an option to pick what i wanted to volunteer in but I put my name down to as much as I could, as I really wanted to be a part of the biggest show in Scotland! I was picked for the Arrivals and Departures team.

I started volunteering as part of the Glasgow Central Station team before being moved to the Athletes Village which has been fantastic! In total, I will have volunteered from the 8th of July to the 6th of August, completing 25 shifts. Very tiring but totally worth it!

I saw the success of the Games-makers at London 2012 and I wanted the chance to have Clydesiders have the same attention in terms of the great compliments and work that they gathered and did. I volunteered, as I really wanted to be a part of the biggest show of sport in Scotland. Volunteering is a big part of my life within The Boys’ Brigade and I wanted to explore a new option within volunteering. It will also be a great addition to my CV, especially as I’m training to be a primary school teacher.

Simply, I just wanted to be part of the Games and feel the buzz and atmosphere in and around Glasgow, whilst doing my bit for the Games.

There have been quite a few highlights to choose from! From seeing Her Majesty and Prince Phillip, Wills, Kate and Harry or having Usain Bolt walk by me, but my highlight must be seeing all the Scottish athletes coming back from their events with massive smiles and medals around their necks!

The best bit of volunteering was the feeling that by doing your job you were contributing to the biggest sporting event to happen in Scotland and that it happened so well.

What I’ve got out of volunteering was an experience that will live for me forever. I have met some amazing fellow Clydesiders and people from all around the Commonwealth. I have benefited from my experience in ways, such as an increased confidence, particularly getting a sense that I’m showing people from across the Commonwealth an amazing experience in Glasgow. I have learned many different things from these people – From how to say hello in many different languages, to skills that I can take back to my company and my teacher training.


John, Jim and John are just some of the thousands of Clydesiders who are playing their part to make Glasgow 2014 the best Games ever.  Once the Games are over, the city still has its next big event to look forward to – Brigade Conference on September 6th!!