BB Mums – Part 3

In the third and final part of our feature on some of the many of ‘BB Mums’, we hear what 2nd Dumfries’ captain, Samantha Thomson, thinks about being a mum and BB leader.

Samantha Thomson, Captain, 2nd Dumfries

Samantha Thomson, Captain, 2nd Dumfries

I have two boys who are surprisingly members of the BB. Rowen is 18 In May, he’s in sixth year at school, and is waiting to hear about college placement. He got his Queen’s Badge last year and will complete KGVI this year. He is laid back, has a wicked sense of humour and loves being with his family and friends. Rory is 15 later this year and undertaking his Presidents badge at the moment.  He loves playing rugby and is very sociable. Rory has many leadership qualities and is very quick. The boys are very different, but have many similar traits, I have so much to be proud of, well blessed with my children.


The best thing about being a Mum is knowing that you unconditionally love someone. It’s also the scariest! I love the fact that the boys will have so many fantastic opportunities, and so much potential for life.
Apart from the realisation that washable pen isn’t really that washable, I wouldn’t change anything as I like as well as love my boys and everything that happens, impacts on how we are.

I am still learning from my mum, she’s my heroine. I hope that I inherited her attitude to people, to treat others as we would like our folks to be treated. To treat everyone fairly, and to stand up for what I believe in. I also learned how to put my faith into service. She’s awesome. I hope I have passed this on to my boys.

I think that it’s a hard job regardless of when you do it, there are no instructions with babies or children. However I also think that there are many pressures on our boys and young men, and that is very difficult for Mums to deal with.


So, how did your involvement with The Boys’ Brigade come about?

Rowen was asked if he would like to go to Anchors, when he turned six, I went with him his first night and was reminded of the great fun I had as a Brownie and a Guide, they still played Duck, Duck, Goose… When he was promoted to Juniors I offered to help out the odd time, 10 years on I’m Company Captain!

There’s so much to say about what I gain from BB. The main thing is the fun and fellowship we share – the lads are sick of me talking about our Friday BB family, but I feel that’s the glue that keeps us going. I take huge pleasure from the boys /young men attaining their awards. I really like when they share the table at canteen and you hear the chatter and excitement of their interactions. Often this is with folks who they wouldn’t normally socialise with. I enjoy the fact that we make this happen. The fellowship and friendship is also excellent with the leaders who are just fab!

Being a Mum is invaluable asset for a BB leader. The problem solving and multi-tasking ethos transfers well to the BB setting. As you know your own children, you can empathise with parents’ fears and expectations about our organisation. Sometimes it’s the experience of knowing when someone needs a listening ear, or vigorous encouragement (!) However I suspect that I also feel that I have an almost maternal responsibility for the Company, which lets me be involved wholeheartedly, and yes I take it to heart.  I have seen the hugely positive impact on many, who after going through the Company as Boys, stay on as young leaders.

Definitely a proud Mammy moment!

You can follow 2nd Dumfries BB on twitter and also find out more on their website.


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