BB Mums – Part 2

In the second part of our feature on ‘BB Mums’, we hear the thoughts of Heather Sturgeon, from 7th East Kilbride, on what being a mum to her two sons means to her.

Heather Sturgeon, mum of two and leader with 7th East Kilbride

Heather Sturgeon, mum of two and leader with 7th East Kilbride

I am mum to Daniel,  6, and Andrew, 11, as well as being Officer in Charge of 7th EK Anchor Boys.

My kids are quite different- Andrew is quite thoughtful and sensitive -though not quiet!- and prefers individual sports, science and computing. Daniel is much more outgoing and forthright, and us usually described as a “character”!, and  is into football, climbing and music . They both have great sense of humour and get on very well together.

I think there are so many things which make being a mum great, but probably most of all it’s just the complete unconditional love and trust your child has in you.  This is amazing.  No one tells you when you have a baby just how strong the feelings will be!

Exploring things together and seeing the world through your child’s eyes and getting to be a kid again yourself all over again, exploring puddles and ponds and the wonder of tadpoles is great! (I’m sure I’m not the only mum that acts five in Disneyland!). Then there is the fun at seeing bits of yourself or your family in them.  Plus the pride and joy you get as they achieve something- first steps, first words, first goal, first Munro!

Although it’s a bit heart wrenching,  but it’s good to see them grow up and develop into their own characters, knowing you have had a hand in developing the future through them.

Your kids can teach you and help you remember so many lessons you forget as an adult, like forget and don’t hold grudges, sharing is fun, everyone deserves second chances and questioning and challenging new ideas isn’t a bad or scary thing.

For me though, it’s about just capturing the small moments, like watching a family movie together or sharing stories of your day round the dinner table- making memories for you and your kids for the future.

Each age and stage of motherhood brings its own challenges and when you are in one you sometimes can’t wait to get to the next and can end up wishing their lives away! I think it’s good just to take things a day at a time and cherish what you have.

What does being a mum and BB leader mean to you?

My BB journey began when I was “encouraged” to play the piano for Anchors as my auntie was officer in charge! My dad was Captain so we were brought up in the Company- even having family holidays at camp! And I met my husband at KGVI!

There are lots of good thing about being a mum and BB leader, like having links to local schools and other groups, as well as developing relationships with parents who otherwise don’t have much to do with church.  The dual role also offers another link to what hobbies and activities your own children enjoy.

Although it can be a bit hectic at times balancing everything, I think being a mum has worked to the benefit of the company.  Through my own boys, I have recruited others from football, tae kwon do, swimming and climbing lessons, as well as several from chats with other mums in the school playground!

I am lucky to have a great group of boys, a good group of supportive parents, enthusiastic and supportive fellow officers and great links with our Company section.  We run a varied programme- last week we had a “World Book Day” party when we celebrated by dressing up as our favourite book characters! Everyone, including officers!


You can find out more about the 7th East Kilbride BB Company at their own website.


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