My experience: Volunteering with The Boys’ Brigade

Ewan Lannigan reflects on the volunteer role he plays in 2nd Cambusnethan

What made you become a volunteer/what or who inspired you?

I first joined the BB when I was five years old and came through the Anchor Boys, Junior Section and Company / Senior Section gaining my Queens Badge, after which I had to leave due to work commitments.  Some five years later, I had a chance conversation with the local minister, he was looking to re-start the company in his own Church after a 15 year absence, so I jumped at the chance to get involved again. 

As for inspiration I never needed to look any further than my own family, with my Mum and Dad both Officers (Dad formerly a Company Captain now Supplies Convener for Motherwell Battalion, Mum formerly a Lieutenant and currently a Helper in my own section)  

The Boys’ Brigade has been with me all my life and I would not change it.    


 How do you think you benefit? 

I benefit from the BB for various reasons.  The other leaders within my own company share a great sense of camaraderie with each other; so the old cliché of meeting new friends most certainly applies to me.  The BB also gives me a different angle to explore my faith while helping the Boys understand and explore their own faith.  There is also a certain sense of achievement watching the Boys growing in confidence, faith and understanding, gaining their awards and all the benefits that go along with that. .


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