My Queen’s Badge experience…

The Queen’s Badge is the highest award that may be gained by a member of The Boys’ Brigade and this year celebrates the centenary of its predecessor the King’s Badge, first awarded in 1913.Image

The award aims to challenge and equip the individual, provide new opportunities and expand horizons while remaining accessible to young people of all abilities. The Queen’s Badge offers the chance to engage with the local community, take on responsibility, set personal goals, build self-confidence and experience a sense of achievement.

Ross Baxter from 3rd Inverness shares his Queen’s Badge experiences…

“I’ve been in The BB for 13 years and currently a student at Milbrun Academy studying highers and advanced highers

I honestly enjoyed all the things that I participated in order to achieve the award. I thoroughly enjoyed developing as a leader through coaching and ‘Discover Presentations’. I have also loved learning the guitar as I have always wanted to learn an instrument.

Working toImagewards the award allowed me to develop my presentational skills and also my leadership ability, especially when leading a talk with younger boys.

The area of voluntary service that I supported was at Clachnacuddin FC Youth development which was held at both Miton of Leys primary school astro pitch and Dalneigh Football pitches.  In total,  I spent 38 hours volunteering with them during my Queen’s Badge work.

The lasting memory I’ll take from my Queen’s Badge will be Parents’ Night (the last night) as it was the most emotional.  I have enjoyed (The BB) so much –  I’m not ready to leave!”


2 thoughts on “My Queen’s Badge experience…

  1. I have been a member of the 17th Ayr Boys Brigade Battalion for 13 years and am currently in sixth year at Kyle Academy having just received an unconditional offer at Glasgow Caledonian University for a BSc in Property Management and Valuation.
    It has been an interesting experience while working towards my Queens Badge. Voluntary work at the Ayr Hospital Gift Shop has greatly developed my interpersonal skills through customer service with people from various communities, ethnicities and those with differing physical, mental and emotional abilities and needs. Although I have completed the thirty hours necessary I am continuing this indefinitely.
    My voluntary work with the Anchor Boys has taught me a great deal of patience for youngsters and in turn they have taught me how to have more fun. My leadership and coaching skills have been developed through organising games and activities and my presentation skills were enhanced in front of their parents at the family fun night.
    The challenge of personal fitness and goals has always been important to me as illustrated by achieving a black belt in Shotokan karate. For my Queens Badge my intellectual focus turned to learning snooker and my personal fitness is maintained by strength training at my local gym.
    My most memorable moments at Boys Brigade have been participating in competitions. The most enjoyable being captain of the football team and winning through identification of the available skills of team mates and developing a plan of action.
    The development of leadership and coaching strategies whilst working towards my Queens Badge have illustrated that more can be accomplished by negotiation and teamwork. This, on top of the increased confidence in my own abilities, will hold me in good stead at university and into working life.

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